Effects of Incontinence on Wellbeing

Bladder leakage leading to incontinence is a common problem that millions of people around the world face each and every day. Those who suffer from it understand that it changes their life in a lot of ways. The most obvious way is the kind of undergarments they have to wear to handle the leakage, but there are some significant effects on a person’s well being that need to be understood, identified and dealt with to minimize the damage that incontinence can cause.

Once a person knows what to expect and how to deal with it, they will be much better equipped when they experience the same things. We want to ensure that anyone who is suffering from incontinence knows what they are in for and is prepared to minimize their own symptoms and risks.

Psychological well being is affected by incontinence, many times. Not everyone will be affected in the same way, but researchers and doctors alike have noticed that many incontinence sufferers experience low self-esteem, a lack of social integration and reluctance to talk about their problems. They often don’t want to tell people that they are experiencing incontinence because there is a stigma attached to it. As they hide this from their closest friends and relatives, they may also start to hide other things and become secretive and protective. They may also withdraw themselves from social circles and keep to themselves more often.

They may become depressed because of their condition and the effect it is having on their life. They could also feel like there is not any hope for a cure for them or that their life is going to be irreversibly changed because of the condition.

There are physical effects that need to be identified and understood as well. There could be rashes or irrigation due to the leakage not being handled correctly. Incontinence products can chafe or irritate and trap moisture in uncomfortable places, creating infections and skin irritation.

There are financial problems often associated with this medical issue as well. Many people who suffer from incontinence spend more than they expected to in order to treat the condition, managing the leakage and dealing with the repercussions. It is important that they understand the costs and the kind of upkeep they will have to take care of in order to properly manage their leakage. Incontinence products are often expense, and depending on how severe the leakage is, they may have to buy them constantly.

These are a few of the often unspoken aspects of incontinence. Most people understand about the discomfort of a lack of bladder control, and they are prepared for it. These other factors are not discussed as often, and it is vital that anyone who is just starting to deal with incontinence or who is not sure how to effectively handle the problem know what to expect and what they will need to deal with in the future. That way, they can be amply prepared and have their expectations firmly set so that they are not caught by surprise when some of these things start to happen to them.