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Cloth art doll Victoria VelveteenHandmade Cloth Art Dolls

Strange Little Girls was launched in 2011, with a range of cute and creepy, Gothic style, cloth dolls with buttons for eyes. My ideology was simple then, as it is now. I just wanted to make art for people like myself, for the Strange Little Girls, the Goth girls, the hippies, the dreamers, the one of a kind originals, who never quite figured out how to fit in. Most of all, as a vegan I wanted my art to be ethical, kind to the environment and cruelty free. My work now includes textile art dolls with hand painted features, sometimes dark and Gothic, sometimes bright and bohemian, sometimes sprinkled with a little fairy dust, always 100% cruelty free. Every art doll I make is one of a kind. All are hand made from my own original patterns, using a mix of new, and good quality recycled materials. A certificate of authenticity is provided with every doll.

Clay Art Dolls

In early 2014, I introduced a new series of art dolls made from air drying clay and paperclay. Each clay doll is hand sculpted around a metal wire armature, with a soft positionable body, and clay head, hands and feet. Clay dolls are hand painted with acrylics and other mediums, before being sealed with a matt varnish to protect the finish, and dressed in a hand made designer outfit. Many hours of work goes into making every doll a unique piece of art.

Lolita on a Wednesday by Jo HardsFine Art & Home Decor

When I am not making art dolls, I love to paint and draw. In recent years, I have worked mostly in acrylics, although I sometimes work in other mediums too, such as graphite, coloured pencil, pastels and ink. My paintings feature faeries, mermaids, vampires, Gothic girls, ghosts and Strange Little Girls of all kinds. Original paintings are occasionally offered for sale. More recently, I also began creating unique hand painted boxes, mixed media pieces, and other decorative items for your home. Each piece is one of a kind and completely unique.

Monster High Repaints

Always on the lookout for new challenges, in 2013 I customised my first Monster High doll and immediately I was hooked. Their delicate features, unusual skin colours, and freedom of movement provide the perfect playground for the fertile imagination. Many hours of work go into each customisation project. I begin by removing the factory paint, and if necessary, the hair. The faces are repainted using a variety of art materials, all fixed in place with a UV resistant sealer. Hair is replaced either by re-rooting, or with a hand made wig. Clothing and most accessories are hand made, so each doll is a one of a kind original.

Please note, Strange Little Girls art dolls and repaints are collectors’ items, for display only. Due to the delicate nature of the hand drawn, needle felted, and hand stitched detail, they are not intended for children under the age of 14. They are not toys.

Purple Trinket BoxView Available Pieces

Art dolls, Monster High repaints, fine art originals and other decorative items can be found for sale in the Strange Little Girls Etsy shop. All major credit and debit cards are accepted via Etsy’s direct checkout, or you can pay by PayPal. Etsy gift cards are also accepted. Art dolls can sell very quickly and take time to make, so if you don’t see the style of doll you are looking for, please do keep checking back, as more will be added soon.

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